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travysh 09-09-2013 10:57 PM

New sod browning in 'stripes'
Hi guys,
I just installed sod 2 days ago. One row has multiple pieces of sod with 'stripes' of brown. It's primarily just that one row, the 'stripes' appear to be where the sod was compressed in the roll: (sorry for the grainy picture, it's getting dark here)

The rest of the sod looks to be in good condition. There are a few other pieces that have some browning, but it's much more spotty and quite infrequent.

I watered it for 30 minutes after install, then the next morning for 40 minutes. I read that was too long, so the next 3 waterings (1 morning/1 evening) have been for 10 minutes each.

Any idea if it's OK? If there's something in particular I should do about it? Maybe it will come back once the sod takes root? Possibly over watered early on?

Install details:
The existing dirt was tilled approx 8". It then rained VERY heavy 2 days before install. Thanks in part to the tilling, the ground was sopping wet mud. We spread 3" of topsoil over the entire area (raking boot holes in an area prior to spreading). The topsoil looked pretty dry on top, except for where it extremely wet mud ( Since we couldn't directly walk on it, to level the area we used a few pieces of scrap plywood that we could walk out on and stomp around a bit.

The sod itself is local, so it too was subjected to the heavy rain. Combined with some light rain the day before install, it was quite wet when we received it, and stayed (visibly) moist through the entire install. It was installed using the same board technique as used to level the ground, so no indents. After install, used the board technique yet again direct on the sod to help compress it, then about an hour later watered for 30 minutes. Total time from sod delivery to watering was less than 12 hours.

mrwoodty 09-10-2013 12:43 PM

Im no expert but I had a similar problem with new sod I laid a few months ago and actually posted here. I was told to water frequently but not over water and the browning would go away once the roots took hold and that's exactly what happened. Im sure you will get watering advice from people who know more than me. good luck.

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