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bote110 02-19-2014 01:07 AM

New Lawn
Last year we planted grass late in the summer because the "Bank" wanted us to {We just build a new house} . Grass did grow some what but had a lot of weeds grew in better. How should we start this year? When is the best time to start seeding?
Do I add Fertilizer weed killer first ? and what is the best grass seeds to get for around MA. weather.


IslandGuy 02-19-2014 05:37 AM

Use the Scotts 4-step system, starting with step 1. Do not mow first - the weed killing aspect works by absorbing it through the foliage, not from the roots or on the ground.

All around good grass seed: Rebels

gregzoll 02-19-2014 07:56 AM

I do not even use the Scott's four step system. I actually go to Ace Hardware and purchase their store brand. I would say that if you can afford it, just go with Sod at this point, vs. waiting 2-3 years to get a good lawn.

Check with the local Farm & Home stores in your area. Their store brand, or a private brand, will be cheaper and better then Scott's. Scott's & Bayer have been cutting their stuff really bad, with more inert materials, then when they produced the products fifteen-twenty years ago.

Milorganite is another good brand to use vs. Scott's.

joecaption 02-19-2014 08:05 AM

First thing I would do is get the soil tested to see what it needs to grow grass.

Ocelaris 03-04-2014 04:06 PM

soil tests are great, but realistically what's needed is to kill the weeds for a month to start from a fresh start, put down a nice bed (compost if you have time/money), seed, and water like heck for a month. Fall is the best time to grow grass in the north, but spring can be done; Just be aware if you don't get a good kill, the weed seeds will dominate in the first month because you HAVE to water constantly for a few weeks to get the grass to germinate. Never on any account try to plant grass in the summer, you will just get weeds. Aroundtheyard is a good source for the lawn crazy, but if you have some grass, you might just be able to get by, by doing preventative maintenance and some basic weed herbicides. You'd be suprised how well you can get it looking; most weeds are easy to take care of. Put a pre-emergent (NOT weed and feed) down a few weeks before forsythia is blooming, then slow release fert in april. Use a standard broad leaf herbicide a couple of times in spring and renew your pre-emergent in summer. Then fertilize like crazy in the fall. You should be in much better shape, or you'll be ready to start over in the fall.

mbender2004 03-22-2014 10:28 AM

Lots and lots of water! I have had good luck with Scotts 4 Step Program. If you decided to go that route definitely get to your local landscape shop as summer will be here before you know it.

Msradell 03-23-2014 09:19 PM

You missed the best season to plant grass which is the fall. If planted in the fall they get started before winter then lays dormant in the winter and starts growing as soon as the weather warms up in the spring. It gives it much more time to get a good start before the hot weather hits. If you are going to do it in the spring you need to start as soon as all of the snow is gone. Depending on your area probably about now. You don't want to use any kind of fertilizer with crabgrass or weedkiller in it. This will kill or significantly stunt the growth of new seeds. Your easiest way of seeding would be to rent a power seeder from a local rental shop.

In order to find the best to seed mixture for your area go to one of the local lawn and garden shops (not a big box store) they will be able to advise you what grows best in your area.

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