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new home, new lawn, fall care ?

So we bought a new house in February and the lawn was hydroseeded. The lawn took fairly well in the front of the house, but had some washout in the back. Fall is around the corner, and i'm looking to do some work in September to setup for a better lawn in the Spring, and am looking for some suggestions/comments on my steps.

I have read that fewer deeper waterings are better than frequent shallow waterings. However, due to the heavy clay soil where we live (Maryland/Virginia , uppe Potomac), it seems as though the water does not soak in at all, and more requent waterings are better ?

1. Core aerator
2. Power rake
3. (possible top soil spreading)
4. Over seed (how much ?)
5. Water 2x per day for 2-3 weeks....then 1x per day for a week

thanks for any comments/suggestions or ideas...


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Frequent shallow waterings help new lawns spread. Less frequent deep waterings help roots go deeper.

Aeration will definitely help in your case. It also helps nutrients get doen to the roots. I wouldn't power rake unless the roots are well established.


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In terms of how much seed, just cover the area really well. Plan for the birds to try to get some, so add peat moss on top to help keep them in place.
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1. Core aerator
Will help overall but not necessary for this purpose.

2. Power rake
If you mean a "dethatcher", no. However, a verticutter will help loosen the soil which, in turn, will increase seed to soil contact.

3. (possible top soil spreading)

4. Over seed (how much ?)
What grass are you using? Read the label, or check with your local county extension agent.

5. Water 2x per day for 2-3 weeks....then 1x per day for a week
Keep it moist for 7-10 days, until the seed germinates. Weather dictates this. After that, just enought water to keep the roots hydrated. Less water, more often at first, then more water less often as the roots develope. Here in middle GA, I saw a neighbor renew his lawn about this time of year (well maybe first of October) with fescue. A perfect rain front came in- drizzle off and on all day for several days, temp in 70's. He was cutting it in a week!!!! As they say on the diet commercials, "results not typical." All total, maybe an inch and a half rain all week, but the drizzle kept everything damp, and the temps were perfect.

it seems as though the water does not soak in at all,
This is why I stress a good, slow, soaking watering when I advise people. Most people think that they turn a hose or sprinkler on, and when they see water running across the yard they have watered well. Not so.

Don't forget the straw!
and a light dose of "starter" fertilizer if you are so inclined.
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