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beinformed 03-07-2011 05:18 PM

Need suggestions on what to plant
Just tore out holly bushes in back yard that were in a bed along the garage wall, the bed area is approximately 2' X 14'.
The bed gets morning sun and shade in the afternoon. Live in the N. Dallas area, so that gives you an idea of the climate.
Have a pool, so don't want anything that creates a lot of trash.
Anyone have any suggestions of what to plant in this bed.
I am not sure if I want to put in ground cover or some other type of bushes.

Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

thank you

hortman 03-08-2011 10:38 AM

Hey beinformed. Ken here with The Home Depot in the Chicago area.
I’m sorry you had to tear out the holly bushes. They probably got too
big and messy. Since your bed is narrow at two feet, that limits your
choices. But I did come up with a trash free plant for you. Japanese
boxwood is its name. Specifically, the small varieties like ‘Morris Midget’
and ‘Compacta’. No flowers to speak of and fairly maintenance free. You
can shape them now and then if you like. There are other varieties
available too. They do need regular water.
Take care.

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