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poolinstaller 06-22-2008 10:23 PM

Need grading advice
I need some advice regarding grading/drainage issues associated with an above ground pool install. The grader dug into the side of a slope in my backyard, but angled it back twd my house. It rained tonight and I now have a lake that is 4-6 inches deep in a 21 x 43 ft area. Any suggestions on how to regrade this and what to add to soil to make it hard again? Also I'm curious how the water will ever be able to drain correctly if the area where my pool sits is supposed to be completely flat. Any advice here would really be appreciated.

47_47 06-24-2008 11:37 AM

I am having a hard time visualizing this, can you post a picture or sketch?

Sasha2000 07-06-2008 02:10 PM

Should be a pretty easy fix
As 47_47 said a picture is worth a thousand words. Was it the contractor who got the elevation wrong or did the soil wash out when it rained. If it washed out you might consider a little retaining wall to contain your dirt. Even after pool is in it could wash out again underneath the pool liner. Anyway, it only takes 1/10" per foot for good drainage. The soil you replace with should be good select fill with a plasticity index of at least 15 (any dirt haulers in your area will know what you want if you describe your usage). Normally the minimum amount of yardage delivered is 5 or 6 yards (FYI 1yd=3'X3'X3') If we are not talking about a lot of dirt, you can probably reclaim it with a good dirt rake from your immediate area Add lime to your soil, mix and tamp. You can rent a tamper (also called a hand held compactor) that has a big foot and tamp it until it is firmly packed. A six foot level or a string level is your best friend right now. Hope this helps.

poolinstaller 07-06-2008 05:36 PM

Need grading advice
Thank you Sahsa2000!! I think you're right that a minor adjustment will work to drain the water out as I tried a small section with other dirt in my yard and it seems to be working. I'll try it in the rest of the yard and see how it goes or whether I need to bring more dirt in. I really appreciate your help!!

Sasha2000 07-06-2008 11:07 PM

An Afterthought
You're welcome.
When I have installed above ground pools in the past for my clients, I find a layer of fine sand(we call it sugar sand in Texas) will extend the life of your liner if it is the soft vinyl kind. It will pack down nicely with the weight of the water. It only needs to be 2" deep. If you have never filled a vinyl liner before, another word of advice. I must preface this with a comment on my personality...I am extremely retentive (some call it a perfectionist). While filling the first 1/8" to 1" stay on top of your wrinkles. They will not 'work themselves out' later and once you have water over the entire bottom you will not be able to readjust as it weighs 8 1/3 lbs per gallon! Nothing worse than having your foot glide across the bottom and feel that same ridge every time.Have fun!

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