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mzchokolit 06-20-2009 09:36 AM

Mushroom problems
Hi, I layed new sod from Home Depot in my front lawn about a month and a half ago. Just about a couple weeks ago I've noticed these little things coming out of the grass, yep mushrooms. I definelity do not like the site of them in my lawn, and they are little sprouting in several spots. And lately we've been getting a lot of rain, so no need for me to water. I would like to know is there a way to completely get rid of these things. Are fungicides good? And should I remove the mulch in the yard as well?

Mr Chips 06-21-2009 09:03 PM

did you lay the sod over an old mulch bed? Mushrooms are the "fruit" of fungi, that needs organic material, like decaying mulch or a rooting stump, to thrive. i doubt the mushrooms are from the sod, but more likely grew from a combination of what's under the sod, combined with the extra water they are probably getting from your efforts to help the sod take root

ccarlisle 06-22-2009 07:04 AM

Not sure it matters where they came from, but the above poster is right...I've alwyas found that fungal infestations are of short duration and that to eradiacate them involves changing the pH of the soil.

Fungi are very fussy about what acidity level exists in the soil they stand in and therefore by changing the pH you change everything for them. Now depends on what pH you already have - but since soil should be slightly acidic anyway, try watering them with a weak vinegar solution.

mzchokolit 06-23-2009 09:25 AM

Thanks for the replies. No, I didnt lay the sod over an existing mulch bed, just added a little mulch to the lawn around it. But I probably should've turned the grass over better. I did cut a few bushed down though and maybe the dead roots underneath may be helping them. But I did notice since we've been having 90 degree days and no water, looks like they've disappeared, maybe for a second. Maybe I will try the vinegar or baking soda solution first if I see anymore. As far as getting the pH of the soil, how do I determine that? Im really not a gardener, but just trying to make things look better around the house. Thanks

Rumpole 06-23-2009 12:51 PM

What state are you from? I'm on the shores of Lake Michigan and we have had the wettest spring that I can remember, here, seems everybody has mushrooms in the lawn, even in my sandy soil that gets sun all day. In my case I know it will pass once it starts to dry out.

mzchokolit 06-26-2009 04:36 PM

Im from Illinois, Chicago. And out of all the years we had sod on another property I've never seen mushrooms. Crazy, but its a first time for everything. Haven't saw them in a week because it's been hot and dry. Hopefully they stay away.

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