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yeshesonam 03-23-2011 06:02 PM

Mower Repair
My mower will fire but won't run continuously. Sat idle for more than a yr but was empty of gas. Checked the plug; is OK. Checked the gas line & it seems to be OK. The primer is working great due to initial startup. 6.5 hp Yard Machine. Ideas?

DexterII 03-24-2011 06:13 AM

Start with a thorough carburetor cleaning. Even with it run until empty or the tank drained, residue remains behind, and that is what gums them up.

biggles 03-24-2011 08:12 PM

check the float ,,,drop the cannister held up by the nut but its the nut to check there is an orifice opening going up thru it that the carb pulls the gas up and in slight piece of grass or dirt will make the engine kick on when primed but stalls on run so i'm guessing it acts like it has no power:whistling2:

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