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howetechnical 11-10-2010 11:45 PM

Mower dies when choke is pushed
Hi all,

Newbie to lawn mower repair here, but I've worked on plenty of cars and am extremely technically minded. I've got a Yard Machines 11A-41MY229 mower that stopped starting all together about 2 weeks ago (just bought it used a couple months ago, used it a few times, new gas, etc). I took it apart, checked the carb for any obvious debris, then put it all back together. Starts in one pull now, so far so good.

Second issue, it's always died when I push the choke back in (but will run fine as long as the choke is out). I took it apart again, took the bowl off the carb and took the float off as well. Used compressed air to blow everything out, including the hole underneath the small screw that's inside the center of the bowl shaft. Everything looks good on it, so I put it all back together, same thing. As soon as it is started with the choke out, it dies when pushing the choke back in.

What else can I try? I never noticed any special screws or needles to control the flow of gas or anything, so I'm not sure what else I can look at.

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