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sgagnier 07-04-2010 10:47 PM

Movement of cement pool deck around inground pool
The cement deck around our inground pool has heaved and moved the coping which will have to be replaced. We want to have this job done properly to avoid the problem reoccuring but we are getting conflicting advice from everyone who has come to give us an estimate and the prices are out of this world. What is the best way in cold climate areas (ieQuebec) to build a deck around a pool? Should we tear down the old deck or build over it? If we tear down, should the base be prepared with sand or rock and rock dust and how much compacting should be done to avoid damage to the pool? Should the deck float or is the use of sonotubes or screwed in metal posts better? Would pavers be better suited for our climate or is stamped cement better? Would there be a use to add a sort of french drain around the pool to minimize the effects of water on clay soil? The pool sits close to the house with a 6 ft flowerbed between the pool and 3 ft deck and the house does have a french drain around it. And lastly, what is a reasonable price to expect to pay to replace the deck and the coping?

FrankL 07-05-2010 12:31 PM

I do not think building over it is a good idea. You need to find a local expert. I think some sort of pilings may be need to reduce movement and stabilize.

Frank Lardino

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