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Master Brian 05-20-2013 11:52 AM

I've been trying to do a bit of research on this subject as I've learned that the neighbor directly north of me, has moles. I live in the city and the lots are about 50' wide, so far the moles are on the north side of his property, so about 30' from my yard, from what I can tell.

I regularly use insect granuals to control bugs and such, I've applied twice this year, but I also water on a regular basis as I'm on a well and have in ground irrigation and a fairly nice yard. The neighbor rarely waters and has mainly weeds in his yard.

From what I've read, the moles are after the worms and grubs, which when digging in my back yard recently have seen. I also understand they like moist soil, as it's easy to dig in. Although a friend who has dealt with moles says they prefer dry soil...hmmmm!! His yard is also pretty nice and watered regularly and I believe he said they've already moved into his yard this year!

I called a local garden center and asked their recommendation. They say they have a liquid, hooks to garden hose, and a granual that you put down that is supposed to create a barrier of sorts, which confuses the moles and sends them back, guess it's caster oil based. Some things seem to suggest that's just a marketing scheme.

Any ideas?? My dad has some poison pellets, but obviously I'd need permission from neighbor to poison them on his lawn, I have also thought about buying a bag of bug granuals to apply on his yard with approval. I'm also leaning towards purchasing a trap and I've read great things about the Easy Mole Trap at Tractor Supply.

I'm curious about what are my best options at this point, considering they aren't yet in my yard, at least that I can see. I'd like to keep it that way and in my opinion would be easier and cheaper for me to treat them in his yard before they get to my yard....but that all depends upon if he'll let me!

gobug 05-24-2013 07:43 AM

I think your efforts to reduce the mole food supply is the best option. They are not easy to trap, regardless of claims.

I would avoid using any chemicals except for lawn pests. Whatever chemical it is, it will impact other things besides moles.

The observation that you have none while your neighbor does, says to me that your control of the lawn pests is working. If the neighbor's lawn is not well cared for but he has moles, the moles are happy. Treating his yard could make your yard (better cared for) more mole attractive.

Any effort on your part to "intrude" on the neighbors life style could give the impression that you are critical. That may not be a way to get involved, especially if you want to apply any chemical to his yard. Perhaps an "over-the-fence" hello would give you the opportunity to ask the neighbor if he is experiencing mole problems.

Good luck

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