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mrdol 11-03-2007 10:00 PM

Marrying a sloping stone wall to a cinder block wall.
I have a 35 foot long stone retaing wall ( 16 inches thick and 80 years old) that curves and slopes down from about 6 feet in height to 1.5 feet in height. We built a 40 foot long footer with poured concrete and have one cinder block imbedded in the footer that was going to mate up with the stone wall at the 1.5 foot mark and extend the wall. The cinder block wall was also curving and sloped up to about 2 feet. We have changed our mind about the design and want the cinder block wall to be about 40 inches tall.

We will then have to build up the stone wall so that it blends into the cinder block wall at the 40 inch mark. The buildup will need to be about 3 feet back into the stone wall. The cinder block wall is going to be veneered with a fieldstone design to match the current stone wall. I would think I could use mortar and blocks to elevate the stop of the stone wall so we can put veneer over it. How can I best attach the elevated portion of the stone wall to the current stone wall? The stones are hard as nails and drilling may not work.

Also on the other end of the cinder block veneer wall I want the wall to slope down from 40 inches to 24 inches. Should I make the wall square and then use a circular saw to cut the cinder blocks to the sloping height I want? If I do that should I fill the cavities first before sawing? This will be covered with the veneer as well.

Ron6519 11-09-2007 04:08 PM

Try posting a picture of the current wall.

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