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jongordo8 09-04-2009 12:00 AM

Fall and Spring Lawn maintenance Q's
Newer homeowner in Dallas, Tx. and I am curious as to how high I should cut the lawn in November for the final cut of the season and also how high to cut it in march for the 1st cut of the season? Should I cut it super low.

My lawn is normally cut to 3".

Also want to know when the right time to apply pre-emigeant or weed n feed, should I do it in Nov. or in Feb at the start of the season. Last season I waited till Feb and had a bunch of weeds in March pop up.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated

matt700 09-07-2009 05:03 AM

i live in La. About six hrs east on I-20. So we are in the same zone. My dad has about 2 acres of S.A. that my brothers and I swear he loves more than us. (although he did let us have our softball and football games on it when we were kids). This is what he does. He does it now only because all of his kids are grown. He also uses a riding mower now also. Before there were three boys and three push mowers. He leaves his final cut around 3-4" depending on how wet the area stays. The shorter cut is in the wet area. He has huge oak trees, so he keeps all the leaves raked up during the winter. Around feb or march, depending on how early it starts getting warm he puts out triple 13. I don't recommend you do that. He is 60+ yrs old and has had a green thumb all his life. He has this down to a science. Put out something that isn't as "hot." After the first rains, when the ground is damp, throw out your weed killer. He uses W/F. About 2-3 apps over a month. He mixes his with his insecticides also. Wait until the grass is about 5" tall before you cut it. Don't cut it in the hottest part of the day. That being said, you have to consider what soil you have. He lives in a lower area than I do and has about two feet of good topsoil. I have about two acres of S.A. also. I live in "the hills." My wife takes care of our lawn. Wanna guess why? That's a good discussion for psych class. Anyway, under my dad's guidance, she has transformed our lawn into a beautiful thing,which she loves more than me. We have more of a red clay/sandy content. She has to put everything out more frequently, but milder mixtures. We also had to put out lime the first couple of summers we owned the place. Ours takes a lot more water to maintain because the sandy soil won't hold the water.
The "experts" may or may not agree with this. But it works. After all an"ex" is a has-been and a "spurt" is only a loud drip under pressure. It may take you a couple of years to get it right. Just have to keep working at it.
good luck sorry so long winded

jongordo8 09-07-2009 01:32 PM

Thanks Matt...

so you are basically saying cut it high in the winter, keep the leaves off of it, and wait until spring (Feb or March) to weed n feed (I use Lesco from HD BTW). 2 or 3 applications in the first month of spring (BTW do you water before or after you weed n feed, cause I have heard some people say before and some say after)? No Pre-emigerant in the fall and no weed n feed in the fall?

My soil is clay based. I plan on testing the soil in the next month so hopefully that will tell me if I need lime or not for it.

matt700 09-07-2009 09:43 PM

:thumbup:just to be on the safe side, i will ask my dad.
give me about 3-4 days. i am currently on an oil rig offshore in Mexico.
I land thursday evening . I will let you know by sat or sun

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