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joeyboy 08-13-2007 12:17 PM

Looking to get a cheap lawnmower that I won't regret :)
I have a lawnmower in my shed that says 'mulcher' somewhere on it, and it's an electrical lawnmower (didn't even know that existed - it was left by previous owners). My guess is that it should be dismantled and trashed, but I'll take a look at it to see if it may have potential.

But, assuming it's garbage, I need a new one. I want to keep it as cheap as possible, but not so cheap that I regret the purchase.

I don't mind having to push it, so motorized wheels are definitely not worthwhile to me.

I'm unsure if I should get one with a catch bag or not, seems that some people say to let the clippings stay on the lawn, others say dump it. Confused here.

Any price point that I should consider the cheapest that I could find an okay unit at? I mean, I'm sure I could probably find one for $50 at walmart or something, is there a price that's about as cheap as you could go w/o sacrificing quality? I just want something reliable that does the job, don't care if I have to push it, don't care if I need to make more passes because it has a smaller blade, etc.

(oh, knowing my lawn may be helpful.
- central FL, gulf coast, sandy soil with peatmoss/compost added on top
- very recently seeded with bermudagrass which is coming in okay
- easy access to pretty much every spot, even my landscape edgers are designed to allow the mower to get right up to the edge)

Any tips would be greatly appreciated, I'd hate to buy what I think is the best then use it once and find out it wasn't a good choice!

Clutchcargo 08-13-2007 02:05 PM

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How much are you willing to spend? Are you looking for gas or electric?
My buddy is happy with his Honda, they are pricey though.
My LawnBoy is only a couple years old but still starts on the first pull.

fierysun 08-13-2007 02:16 PM

I've used an electric mower in the past, and was always frustrated by the cord when I used it. I have an old Craftsman gas mower that someone gave me right now. Love it. Just cleaned it up and put a new blade (< $15) on it. Personally I couldn't spend more that $150 on a new mower.

You probably won't have the same issues I did when trying to use a mulcher. It's too dry in Vegas and the grass clippings just dried on the top instead of decomposing.

joeyboy 08-13-2007 02:18 PM

Looking to spend as little as is possible to without regretting it later. I guess what I mean is I just need something to do what I described before, with zero extras. I just don't want to go there and buy the cheapest model, then find out something like the blades on it are crap and will need to be sharpened every other mowing or something.

They have a bagless, push mower (no wheel assistance) at home depot for ~$100, which I was gonna get, but figured I'd ask around first. This is the one I was looking at:

It says 140$ there but I'm pretty sure it was $100 in store (probably just on sale or something).

KUIPORNG 08-13-2007 02:31 PM

I had a 6 HP Toros recycle side gas mower... it is an overkill for my little lawn (40 ft by 25 ft) ... but what the hat... got a deal from Ebay ... new local pickup for somthing like $130 dollars.... may be you can also think of where you buy it besides what you buy ... if you want to buy it real cheap...

joeyboy 08-13-2007 08:27 PM

ebay and craigslist can offer awesome deals, but can also give you crap products. I regularly use them (if anyone's seen my pic of the glass table legs I built in the 'project showcase' subforum here, that 4' X 8', 3/4" thick, ~300lbs glass table with double bevel/bullnose edge was found for free on craigslist), I get some electronics and stuff off ebay too.

But with a mower, I'd have no idea, and would like to keep it from a store so if it's broken, I can get it replaced.

Any comments on the specific one I posted in this thread?

Jeekinz 08-14-2007 09:53 AM

I bought this one last year.

I like the fact that I can bag, mulch or side discharge. Runs like a top with the Techumseh engine.

Like you, I wanted cheap and didn't mind not having self propelled. But I had a hard time finding a bagger WITHOUT a Briggs engine that wasn't self propelled. You should be able to find some good deals now that we're approaching the colder months.

Good luck. Let us know what you decided on.

joeyboy 08-14-2007 11:11 AM

I'll def post back with what I end up with!

That one looks awesome, but is roughly 3X what the one I posted costs. Although, the one I posted is side discharge only, and I still haven't found a solid answer as to whether or not I should be side discharging (for nutrients, water, mulch effect) or bagging (to prevent thatch). I've been getting told both everywhere I go and don't know how to tell who's right....

Jeekinz 08-14-2007 01:09 PM

I'll tell you what I know and do.

I had a bagless mulching mower a few years ago. While it's good to have some thatch on the lawn it's not good to have alot. If you happen to miss a weekend mow, you'll wind up with clumps of trimmings that need to be raked up....unless you want dead spots. I also found that in order for the lawn to grow well in the spring, I had to rake the ground clean of all the thatch that was left the year before.

This is why I went to a bagger. I bag my clippings every time except for one time in the spring and once in the summer. Other than that, there's enough clippings that get left behind to decompose at an efficient rate and not cause extra thatch. I dump the clippings into contractors bags and put it out to the curb. Next year I may start a compost pile, so I'll use clippings there as well.

I have a nice thick green lawn that gets compliments all the time.

Side discharge will leave a lane of clippings that need to be raked up. A mulching mower does not discharge. It keeps the clippings under the deck to be chopped up into small a food processor.

joeyboy 08-14-2007 07:49 PM

Thanks for that response, I actually didn't even realize that there was a difference between just straight discharging the clippings, and mulching them. I thought side discharging it was mulching it, so that's good to know.

I wonder if location makes a difference as to how much mulched clippings you'd want? For instance, you said it would build up too much if you let it mulch out every time - where's your general location? I'm in central FL, so I wonder if that would mean my lawn would find the mulching to accumulate quicker (which then I'd have to rake) or whether it'd disintegrate faster and be okay to mulch every mowing.

Another question on mowers, specifically about mowing tall grass - I already have some patches that are almost 6" tall, if I go and cut them down to 2-3" am I going to kill them? AHHHH lawns are tricky!! I'm learning though!

clasact 08-14-2007 10:37 PM

I saw one at lowes the other day that sounds like what you may be looking for it was a Bolines ( spelling could be off) but it had a briggs motor so thats a plus and they had blades and bags for it cheep.if I am not mistaken it was under 100 bucks and carried a years warrenty hope that helps

joeyboy 08-15-2007 08:54 AM

I'll have to go there and check it out, maybe it's a new special or regional because there weren't any that cheap last time I was there (usually go to home depot because, so luckily for me, it's less than 5 minutes away. Lowes is ~20). I dislike my local lowes (I know the help at home depot is bad, but the local lowes.... wow. It's like they don't even try to put people in the sections of the store they'd be best in, just arbitrarily choose for the day lol), but I had a 10% coupon so I did go recently and saw their cheapest was more expensive than hd's, I think it was mid 100's.

Damn I need to get one asap, I've got some *tall* grass in some spots, so afraid I'm gonna kill it when I mow it (it's at the height where I won't be cutting the grass blade, but rather the stalk/chute piece :( )

KUIPORNG 08-15-2007 09:06 AM

I don't recall seeing any Gas lawn mower in any store for mid 100's... I recall any gas driven one is kind of at least 300 bucks.... that is why I have a search in Ebay long before I get my home for new mower with local pickup....

Jeekinz 08-15-2007 09:15 AM


I'm in Jersey. If your lawn is 6" tall, you'll want to mow it at the highest setting first. Rule of thumb is to mow 1/3 of the height.

I always mow next to the highest setting, the hight will help choke out weeds.

If you keep your lawn at 2-3 inches, the weeds will get more sunlight and start taking over. I go around my yard before I mow and pick out a handfill of weeds. This lawn was 90% weeds and bare spots last year.

joeyboy 08-15-2007 10:05 AM


Originally Posted by Jeekinz (Post 57804)

I'm in Jersey. If your lawn is 6" tall, you'll want to mow it at the highest setting first. Rule of thumb is to mow 1/3 of the height.

I always mow next to the highest setting, the hight will help choke out weeds.

If you keep your lawn at 2-3 inches, the weeds will get more sunlight and start taking over. I go around my yard before I mow and pick out a handfill of weeds. This lawn was 90% weeds and bare spots last year.

Wow! Very nice!!

I don't think I can mow it too tall though, because bermuda has a 2" height according to the package (not a 2" height, a 2" recommended height rather).

(btw, I noticed your sprinkler on the rock, and believe I'm using the same one - does that thing puddle like crazy in the first 3' circle? I keep mine on a chair inside a landscape bed so it doesn't pool up the lawn near where it's located!)

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