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denemante 05-22-2012 12:08 PM

leveling bermuda grass
Is there a formula for mixing dirt/sand for bermuda? Seem like if I only use sand, once the grass grows, that spot would be much softer - cause it's sand - not dirt.

I have some dips and bumps and uneven places in my backyard. Perhaps a depression 4 inches deep by 3 feet wide. Some are 3 inches deep by a foot square and throw me sideways on the riding mower when a front wheel hits. One is a 3 inch depression a foot wide that runs the length of the yard where a drain was installed underground.

All has nice, full grass. So I'd effectivley be largely burying grass if I level these area. Is there a rule that I shoudl try to leave some blades of grass sticking out?

Last summer - I had a dead spot the size of a car. By the end of summer - it was totally full and plush. I did nothing beside fertilize, mow and water as usual. Happened on it's own.

user1007 05-22-2012 04:06 PM

I responded to this in response to your other post. I will add that with depressions so big and a shallow rooted turfgrass like Bermuda? You cannot put 4" of dirt or sand on top of it. You should rent a sod cutter, cut the sod and roll it up so it does not dry out. Then fill in and level the low spots. Finally, lay the cut sod back down, roll it to make firm contact with the soil, and treat it like any new sod until it takes. Your patched sections will need extra water. Work fast so the sod is not exposed for more than a day or so.

You might want to update your profile to provide a basic idea of where you are. If it is Bermuda I am guessing California, Texas or somewhere in the Southeast? My own front lawn was Bermuda in Northern California. It looked dead in the winter but was gorgeous in the growing season. Back was a creeping bent hybrid that was spectacular all year. I would not consider either low maintenance turf varieties by any means though.

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