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joeyboy 08-26-2007 01:18 PM

Learning about propagation (????)
Okay, I know that you can make two plants from one plant (always? sometimes?). That's pretty much all I know right now lol.

I have a bunch of cool plants on my property I'd like to propagate to other spots.

I was wondering if anyone had tips, tricks, or could point me in the right direction (please no books lol, I just research online for the time being).

Right now I'm basically just cutting stuff, and taking what I cut and putting it in little containers (containers have soil that's a mix of peat moss / compost, and some fertilizer that's a 'root stimulator' lol), and hoping for the best.

Any tips would be useful, as you can see from what I'm doing I'm basically just approaching this like trial / error style lol!!

DeeTee 09-03-2007 03:56 PM

Propagating Landscape Plants
Here's a link I've used from time to time to refresh my memory on this. Your local USDA Extension Service site shoud also have some info relative to your local area. And if there's a Master Gardener program nearby they also have help on this topic. :yes:

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joeyboy 09-05-2007 09:09 AM

thanks a lot! That'll be helpful, basically I've just been picking stuff / cutting stuff, replanting, and hoping for the best lol!!! Have 1 palm I think is successful, lots of vines that failed, and a couple vines that stayed. I really wanna get this palm to work well, because it's a pretty small cutting (~2' with 6 leaves), and if I can propagate it that way, the original is large enough I could cut enough of them to line my back fence :thumbsup:

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