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Lawn Fertilizer

I have St. Augustine grass around my home that is infested with dollar-weed and other misc pests. I have brown patches of dead and thinning sod as well. What is the best course of action to regain control of my yard. The brown patches are not due to lack of water, I tested all sprinkler heads to ensure they were working.


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Feeding turf is often the best thing you can do to help remedy situations like you mention. However, it sounds like you are also going to need some herbicides and pesticides---maybe a fungicide. And it is fall so grasses, even in warmer climates, will be going semi-dormant so you don't want to feed with too much nitrogen until next spring.

If you can buy it separate, a broad spectrum post emergent broadleaf weed killer should take care of the weed problem. It may take a couple of applications.

As for the brown spots? Any chance they are from pets? Other possibilities are things like fungus (especially if you water late in the day and the turf stays wet overnight), nematodes or insects like grubs or lawn moths. Depending on the problem you may or may not be able to buy the needed insectisides.

Before you spend a fortune on consumer market fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and insectisides you might want to price the cost of a lawn care service. I suspect you may find one to be cheaper in the long run and they will have the expertise necessary. Good ones will stand behind their service and problem remedies.

If you really want to try to DIY? Check with a real nursery (not the orange apron person at a box store) or turfgrass expert in your area. Your park district will have someone that will be willing to talk with you. Most golf course turf managers will spend a time talking you through your problems and options. Your area may have a turfgrass council with a public outreach mission. In most places budgets have been slashed but perhaps there is still functioning ag extension in your area with homeowner functions?

Off topic but it really helps when people post their locations with their profiles. I am guessing if you have St. Augustine you are South and probably East of me?


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Yes, I live in Central Florida
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I live in North Georgia and have a lawn service (in fact I have tried 5 and ended up not renewing their contract) which I now am perfectly pleased with. This may not be allowed but the best so far is Scotts Lawn Service and I have been with them for 3 years.

I have a fungus problem in my front yard only which causes brown patch. I have been letting them spray for that but they charge me an extra 116.00 for each trip. I have found their fungus product that says it controls this at Lowes which is only about 14.00 and covers 5,000 square feet. Next Skpring, I will apply these granulars in early May and maybe again in a month. This will be cheaper than paying 116.00 twice.

You might check this out as do likewise.

Be careful wit h what you use as frar as weed control because St. Augusting responds simular to bermuda grass and things that kill bermuda grass will completely kill St. Augustine.

St. Augusting is beautiful but only objection I have to it in my area is it goes dormant in the winter. I sew every fall with Scotts tall fescue mixture and my lawn is always the envy of the neighborhood. Everyone is constantly asking me what type grass I have.

The poster is correct, it is too late to fertilize heavily now. If you want to you can fertilize really light and then heavier in the Spring.


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