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Large stump killing?

i have a big ( huge ) silver maple that's going to be taken down. the main trunk is about 4' in diameter, and at ground level - with the root footers - around 5 or 6 feet. it going to be stump ground, but in my past history with trees and stump grinding, is that they're a resilient sort, and the existing root network will continue to try and grow. one bradford pear almost had me committed to the funny farm....but i digress....

is there anything i can do to expedite the expiration of the entire root network? drill holes in what's left of the root ball and pour in kerosene/gasoline?

the maple's root system has compromised the foundation/buried drain tiles, not to mention has started to crack the brick wall of the areaway near it, so it has to go, go completely, and go quickly.



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Why not just have the whole thing, stump and roots included removed?


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Ayuh,.... after the stump is ground down, 'n you've picked up the millin's,...
But before ya bury the remains, coat it with Clorox, once a day, for a week or so,...

Then bury it, 'n regrade the area,...
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Originally Posted by joecaption View Post
Why not just have the whole thing, stump and roots included removed?
because that would entail having 25% of the back yard excavated....

this thing has a dozen surface roots, about 3 to 4" in diameter, going 15+ feet out into the's a massively, intricately, rooted tree.

the clorox thing sounds promising, better than pouring expensive go-go juice on it...thanks, i look into that.
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On the farm used to used dynamite to clear stumps in the open when clearing a field or other large area. But not near building or with as large a tree with the extensive root system you describe.

Also remember an uncle who would drill holes (with a brace and bit, back then) into the stump and surface roots and pour some blend of chemicals into the holes. Would then cover it with burlap, leaving it this way till the next year. And then it would burn (probably with the help of kerosene) - albeit slowly, but it was pretty effective as I recall.
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First, don't be pouring any benzine on the ground. That is just dumb.

If you want to kill the tree, use some Tordon type product around the growth ring. It won't take much.

If you want the stump removed, have it ground down. If this isn't an option, have it cut as close as possible to the ground and have the stump so that it will hold water.

This will be difficult with your maple because it is probably hollow.

If it is not hollow, then I think you can buy some stump rot promoter. Dump that on it and keep it moist and covered. This is going to be like a yeast infection. The more mold the better.

After a couple of years you should have some rotten wood there to smash with an axe and then you are finished.
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Also the silver maple stump will not shoot suckers anyway NEAR that of the Bradford pear( which IMO should never have been invented). I would get as much ground out as possible and go the tordon( or other brush killer) route. You can chop the surface roots out with a good ax


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