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gammy4gks 08-08-2011 05:15 AM

Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyard?
We are trying to sell our home but our small backyard seems to be the 'death' for us. We live in an addition that doesn't allow a lot of upgrades which can be a problem. Our backyard is next to the main road for this addition but is separated with a nice hill/evergreen trees to help block the noise and the view of the road. However, our biggest problem seems to be our neighbors on both sides. Our home is based on length (our back of the home begins at the end of their decks) while theirs is in width. One has children with a wooden swing set (huge) on the edge of their/our property. Plus anything that the kids play with seems to be on our side for all to see. Our other neighbors do have a nice fenced in backyard however they hardly ever mow it, much less de-weed it. It takes the association stepping in every 3 months to get them to do anything but they still never use a weed eater. And they use a push mower which leaves huge amount of grass clippings all over their yard. Talking does no good for either neighbor. So... how do I landscape my backyard (it has nothing there; no deck, no trees/shrubs, flowers,etc) to make my yard more attractive for the buyer AND to hide the neighbors yards? This is so frustrating!!

Leah Frances 08-08-2011 07:30 AM

Talk to your agent. I'm guessing the un-landscaped back yard isn't the problem. Might have something to do with the economy :whistling2:

DrHicks 08-08-2011 08:25 AM

First, privacy fence. Have it be as tall as code allows.

Second, do what Leah said. Talk to an agent. They'll know what kinds of "value added" improvements you can make to your back yard.

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