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smokey847 09-16-2013 01:10 PM

Landscaping Guidance
Looking for some advice on how to landscape this house. I'd like to somehow make the house look not so squatty, if some landscape decisions could help aid in that. Also, I'd like to make the front door look like it's centered in the porch, if theres's some sort of distraction I can make with the landscaping. I'd like a small tree of some sort to the right of the porch and something else tall on the far left corner. Any suggestions? What would be something good to fill in the space in between?

brockmiera 09-17-2013 01:42 PM

That picture isn't showing up.

concretemasonry 09-17-2013 03:13 PM

That certainly very flat and boring, but some people like repetition, neatness and stark contrasts. - Flat horizontal roof line, boring shingles, symmetrical white columns and black vertical shutters framing a white window. Even the trees are in a line perpendicular to the home. Does the grass grow in rows? It looks like a nice croquet field.

That sidewalk from the entry is probably dead level parallel to the house and at right angles to the driveway so it is easy to march directly into the house. - How about a more pleasing curved sidewalk the breaks the symmetry and invite people in?

You need some softness, change of elevation and color and distraction from the predictable..

The door cannot be moved, but you can draw attention to the door by using a dramatic, bright color and then use a narrow vertical lattice (bright color) with some lacy climbing the right of the door to put the door in the center of the "new" opening.

Get some more soil to create some contour (vertically) to the yard. Use some colored small plants that change colors seasonally in and around the elevation changes landscaping/mounds. A smaller very full tree would also help the break you front polo field.

I don't mean to be brutal, but everyone has their opinion when it comes to appearance, sue and practicality. I am in the middle of correcting deferred landscaping errors in a 30 year old townhouse (corner quad home) and am having a 25' flowering crab, several arborvitaes, 30' spruce removed and dramatically trimiming a 40' green ash trimmed to make the yard usable and more attractive. Everything grows and it has to trimmed/removed/added to or replaced periodically and used to fill in where needed. Fortunately, I own the land around my place and have the right to cut, trim and replace what was done properly at one time, but it's time has come. The only problem I have is I must replace every tree removed, but that is an opportunity for future appearance (10-20 years).


SPS-1 09-17-2013 05:07 PM

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How about a landscape feature in the lower right corner. Possibly something like this: (Maybe a big boulder in the center)

smokey847 09-18-2013 10:49 AM

Thanks for the replies. Dick, I suppose I have a little easier job than you because there is not much I have to remove. I totally agree with creating some mounds for some depth and layers. Any suggestions for a small tree to grow in the space between the two far right windows? I may occupy the far left area with a couple of crepe myrtles to cover the blank brick on the end, and fill in with boxwoods or another similar small bush accordingly. Probably thinking two junipers to flank either side of the porch to give some skinny height to bring the eye up hopefully. I like your idea about the small arbor--I actually have one we can use. Thanks!

concretemasonry 09-18-2013 11:47 AM

Crepe Myrtles would be good because of the color to brighten things and draw the eye away. I liked the when I lived in VA, but so did everyone as long as they could manage them.

You are right about not having to remove much and you only have to maintenance trimming on what you have and not fall behind. You have a blank pallet to use for your own needs and preferences.

Color will help if you can get the right combination to work with what seasons you have. - We (MN) only have two seasons - green and flowers or white with accents of green and brown and I often think the white is prettier at times, when we get enough snow, but brown Christmases are not pretty.


smokey847 11-09-2013 09:53 PM

Finally had a chance to photograph the new plants and pine straw, with a natural trench border. Really adds some nice curvature to the house, now just to wait for the height.


TarheelTerp 11-10-2013 08:22 AM


Originally Posted by smokey847 (Post 1242378)
Looking for some advice on how to landscape this house.
Any suggestions?

How long do you plan to be there?
If it isn't your "forever" house don't spend money on anything that adds to the weekly upkeep work load and definitely any real expense. Focus on making the upkeep easier if you can.

The house looks big enough for a lawn tractor...
at least an RER.

Go slowly around the perimeter on the mower then look for what what areas the mower DOESN'T cut.

These will become your planting bed locations.
The question then becomes what you plant.
For that... talk to the local nursery man.

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