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PAJH 11-13-2012 06:50 PM

Is a Landscape Rake the answer?
Live on a 3+ acre rugged, wooded lot. After every wind or snowstorm I spend multiple weekends walking around the yard, picking up hundreds of fallen twigs, sticks and branches. Didn't mind so much when I was younger, but now it's doing a number on my back. Tried to hire some local lawn services, but the cumulative cost is ever increasing and I'd rather invest the $$$ in a DIY solution. I thought maybe I could purchase a Utility Vehicle with a Landscape (Yard) Rake attachment. Looked online, but not sure if this is a good option. Anyone have experience with this type of equipment? Thanks for your help.

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user1007 11-14-2012 10:35 AM

Seems like a rake would work nicely for you although branches can be so irregularly shaped I am not sure. And you still have to deal with what you rake. How about a little chipper? You could blow the pieces into a little hopper and use for mulch or compost.

I think before you buy anything you should swing by the maintenance shed of your local park district or a golf course to see what the folks use. They deal with this on a regular and more urgent basis than you and I am sure would be more than willing to offer some suggestions.

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