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L.E.D. Landscaping/Home Lighting

Something I couldn't find much information on while searching the forums.

While my wife and I plan to sell the home in the spring time we of course
have been looking at other homes for giggles.

We recently went through a neighborhood at night that when built the builders installed landscaping lights.

It's incredible the difference it makes on how the house looks at night.

So of course I would like to install some LED lighting for the home and landscaping.

I have found and have personal experience with a website called

They have some great options, for someone like me on a budget.
But, I have never done anything like this so I wanted to do some research before I go just buying stuff....

I don't know exactly what lumen light would be needed for where....

Here's an example of what I'm talking about.

I know it seems pretty simple... But i've never done any of this before.

So here is my house...

Photo is two years old but not much has changed....

A Slightly more recent photo, at night...

Well from the website they have a few lights, but I don't know how many lumens I need....

I'm going to set up the camera tonight, take some photos and use a flashlight to light up what it is I want and see how it looks...

I'll upload those photos tonight.


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If you haven't done it, you will need to play with landscape lighting to get it right.
Working with low voltage is easier than line voltage systems.

For up lighting the front of the house.
Start with a landscape transformer in the 120-200 watt range. A Malibu 120w is about $55.
You need landscape cable. My guess is a 50 foot roll would work for you. #14AWG would be about $25.
Buy the LED floodlights that they claim to be equivelent to 20W and 50W Halogens. Start with one of each. (about $20 and $30).

Set the system up on a temporary basis, and play around with the two lights. If you hook up one light at 40ft and the other at 50, you can set one in place while covering the other with a towel or blanket. Then switch the 2nd light into the same position while covering the first. (saves a lot of switching connections) You can also set the two of them up on the 10ft spread to see how they appear if both are in use.

See how much light you want and in what locations. That will give you a much better idea of what you are doing. (Remember, Sometimes less is more)

If the other half isn't there for your initial trials, at least do a final run thru with them. Make sure you are both on the same page.

Then you will have a better chance of getting the right number and size fixtures for your initial install.


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Why do you want add additional light pollution to your neighborhood and community? Large-scale landscape lighting like you showed in your 1st picture doesn't really accomplish anything and many people really think it makes a house look worse at night. A yard light and maybe a couple of sconces by the front door is all you need for a nice effect. That combined with a couple of motion detector lights for security is a nice package.
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I want, because I want. Therefor, because I want I will.....

Going outside to test out a few lights with my flash light to get an idea.
I'll upload the photos in just a little bit.

I live "Downtown" and some other homes have slight lighting and I like the look. So, I'm joining in and wanting to do some lighting.

Light pollution? It has no affect on anything but my home, there is a very bright very big street light at the corner of my driveway. It's doing the "Pollution"
My guess if you have a neighbor(s) and don't like all their landscaping lighting.

From my house to the street is about 35ft. So no big overall lights can be used. Looking for the smaller, accent lighting...
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Alright so heres some pictures.

The Light I used....

My Fire Helmet LED Light

C4 Single LED, 100 Lumen Output, 5800 candela peak beam intensity
Very Very tight beam pattern.

So, On to the pictures. Keep in mind, a very open mind.
I have one light, one lumen, one beam pattern so of course each location would require different setups of light for each position on the house....
Of course I overdid it... But the ones with less lights are the much more realistic ones.

First, Without any lights... As is now.

With Various Lights

And with the tree in the backyard lit up

And now from another angle.

Before, as is now.

Everything, Way over done...

More realistic, not just everywhere....

Maybe even more realistic with less lights....

That'll do for now....

SBL has Recessed lights ( of course would have to be from the top down but for 200 Lumen, 3 (1w) LED for just $11 bucks...

The Landscaping 6 watt led with 230 lumens for $30 a pop.
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The lights in the example pic look good as opposed to the lights you have on your house,they exude a warm look,but the lights you have are too harsh and have a white appearance,get some lights that have the color of a tungsten bulb like the example pic, and I think it will look much better.
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I know I'm a little late here, but it looks to me like you are using MR based bulbs and the house in the example is using PAR based bulbs. It is also using a much wider spread bulb than you are. Looks almost like you have spot bulbs.

If you want it to look like the house in the example, you need to get real fixtures and not what they have at Lowe's Depot.


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