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flashme18 05-22-2008 09:17 PM

I want to create a compost area.
I would like to set it up in the backyard, in one of the areas where the grass no longer grows, if anyone has seen the pix. lol

What do i need to set this up? I have a dog and will need to keep her out of this area.

any suggestions?

kimberland30 05-23-2008 08:45 AM

We started a compost pile years ago with just lawn clippings and dirt...we don't put food in it so the critters stay away for the most part.

If you plan on doing "real" compost, you can build a pretty easy fence surrounding it. Just put in some 2x2 posts, and tack chicken wire to them. You can create a gate by making a gate out of the 2x2's and chicken wire, and putting hinges on one side.

Leah Frances 07-07-2008 09:59 AM

I used recycled/found materials to build a 3 bin 'system'. I spent money on painting it a pretty color so I wouldn't hate looking at it.

Thoughts -
1. So-called-greens (like grass clippings and foods) can get stinky fast. They easily clump and breakdown anaerobically causing a smelly mess. Make sure to balance them with so-called browns. I use junk mail and non-corrugated cardboard as my primary 'brown' in the summer time - I soak them in my rain barrel before I add them. I also collect browns from my yard - small twigs, leaves, and stack them behind my compost bin so they are ready when I need to add them.

2. Watch your moisture content - my compost pile never went 'hot' until I was keeping it moist all the time. I got in the habit of adding the same (approximately) volume of water as material every time I added it. Now it steams!

3. I add weeds to my compost pile - many people will tell you to never to this. But, I am trying to keep yard waste out of the landfill. I spread them to dry good and dead before I add them. I do this on the bed of my utility trailer - it has a vented bottom and I can move it into the sun to cook.

4. Before we went on a week long vacation this year I accidentally left an entire take out pizza (still in the box, minus two pieces) in the oven. Oven off. When I came home it was a science experiment - I put the entire thing in the compost bin and two weeks later there's no sign of it.

5. Even before I was adding food, I would get fruit-type-flies. Make sure to put your area somewhere they won't annoy you.

6. I don't use any fancy methods for turning - I keep a broken garden fork in the pile and once a week, or so, I move the pile from one end of a bin to another. I just pull the material on top over to the side and fork the stuff that was on the bottom on top. From time to time I combine bins 1 and 2 and move them to bin 3 which holds my finished product.

7. I do NOT sift or process my finished compost - if any unduly large sticks remain I fish them out by hand and chuck them back in the pile. Otherwise I use it as soon as it smells good, or at least it stops smelling rotten. Sometimes larger bits remain, but it doesn't hurt me any.

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