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reibuild 08-08-2007 01:39 AM

How is flagstone supposed to look?
Our Landscaper just finished laying flagstone patio. Clearly it is uneven, some pieces stick out more then others and some places in the paito are lower then others, grass is going to go in between. Is this how flagstone supposed to look like. I know that the stone itself is uneven, some pieces are thicker then others... should I expect flagstone to look like tile, or is it supposed to be uneven?

mdlbldrmatt135 08-08-2007 07:12 AM

I'm laying one now...... and I'm doing my best ro lay it "flat". it's a pain as the stone is all random size shape and Thickness..... more sand here... less sand there......... trying to geep the gaps close to the same size (when possible) I'm gonna use a (Concrete) Sand & Cement mix between all the stones..... mix the 2 together and sweep over the stone... and shower with water..............

There may be some uneven ness on each stone itself..... but the patio as a whole should be close to flat.

I have a 3" base of compacted Screened bank run then a layer of (1" minimum deep sand)

yummy mummy 08-08-2007 07:19 AM

I use to have flagstone in my back yard, approx. 4 years ago.

They had been there for the past 60 years.
Yes, there are some that are a little thicker than others, (slightly)
But overall they were all straight.
I would say like a tile floor.

I did want to relay them when I renovated my house, but was told that it is really expensive to do.
So I did not relay them.

So in my opinion, they should not be uneven to the point that you would trip over them or they would look really bad.

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