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blue sky 12-09-2011 05:27 PM

How to change zones in my sprinker system?
I currently have an auto sprinkler system (3 valves and a 6 zone timer) and I want to change things up. I have a 250 sq/ft area that I just planted lawn (I live in So. Cal) and my system has this new lawn area within the same zone as a another part of my yard that doesn't need as much watering. So I'm wasting a lot of water. How do a separate the two areas into their own programmed zones.


user1007 12-09-2011 10:17 PM

If the lawn area is on a separate valve but set to come on as the same time as another one you can just pull the wires at the controller and put them to one of the available stations. If there is not a valve, you will have to add one and physically separate the plumbing for the different areas. Then run wire from the new valve to an available controller station.

How much plumbing you will have to do depends on how the sprinklers are laid out now. Hopefully you will get lucking and someone planned on a lawn at a future point. If not do not be daunted. You will work with PVC pipe for most everything and may have to do some trench for new pipe but this is a doable project.

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