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You have three basic options in getting rid of moles: 1) repelling them, 2) live trapping them, or 3) killing them.

1) If you opt to use repellents, remember that they need to be reapplied after rain has fallen, or after a set amount of time has passed. You can also use human hair, castor oil and moth balls as repellents which will initially scare off the buggers, but they will adapt quickly and most likely return.

2) Trapping the moles is the humanely way to go but it takes time and patience. The best time to trap them is after a rainstorm, especially during spring and fall when the moles are closer to the surface. Be sure to follow the directions closely when setting the trap and set the trap in an active tunnel. Once to trap the bugger you will have to relocate it far away from your yard like a meadow or field.

3) 3) Now I also mentioned killing the mole, before you go out and get a 22 you should first check with your states department of wildlife offices because in some states it is illegal to kill them.


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thats what ive heard as well !less grubs less moles!
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Originally Posted by reddog122199 View Post
thats what ive heard as well !less grubs less moles!
Unfortunately, grubs are not the only thing they feast on.
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Moles are a constant battle in our sandy soil. When I notice a new tunnel I locate the site of the highest point of the tunnel and open the tunnel just enough to lay the end of my water hose into the tunnel. I turn on the hose just enough for the water to enter the tunnel without eroding the soil down the tunnel path. (Some erosion will happen of course). As the tunnel fills with water from the hose, I simply sit in a lawn chair and watch for any movement in the tunnel. When I see movement, I watch that spot and if I see a little pink nose pokeing out, I use a small hand held flower garden spade to extract the critter attached to the pink nose into a plastic pale. I take the pink nosed critter to a vacant field and introduce it to it's new home.
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I had moles last fall and I would watch the ridges daily. When I could identify what looked like a burrow in progress I would step on the end of the burrow. Moles don't like to be stepped on apparently so they raise up and try to resume their business. Once I knew the critter was there I shot him with a twenty-two. They don't like that either. I deleted four of them last year.
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Moles cannot process stomach gas ie burp. Place bowls of coke near the wholes, problem solved and no wasted ammo.


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