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How big to make a vegetable garden?

I'll be planting a veggie garden in a month or two, but I have no idea how big to make it. Is there some kind of formula (i.e. this many plants = this many square feet)??


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Originally Posted by RiskyBiz13 View Post
I'll be planting a veggie garden in a month or two, but I have no idea how big to make it. Is there some kind of formula (i.e. this many plants = this many square feet)??
Different plants require different amounts of area. Decide what you want to plant, then do a search on Google on how to grow those specific vegetables. There will be information on how widely to space them so each plant has adequate room to grow.

If you plant in rows, be sure to leave enough room between rows for you to walk to tend to your plants.


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Diddo what Ironlight said.

I would also add them vegetables that grown on vines (cucumbers, squash, etc.) need a pretty sizeable area to grow. Probably at least a 4-6 ft by 4-6 ft area per plant. If you're just growing some tomatoes, peppers, can get away with much smaller spaces.

I have two small raised beds (2x4 or so) and I can get a tomato plant, pepper plant, onions in one and beans in the other. Just remember to plant taller plants in the back so they don't grow up and shade the smaller ones. Also be prepared for plenty of work for larger gardens. If you don't have time to weed it and harvest the vegetables as they ripen, you could be wasting plenty of food.
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There is nice free software for garden design that adjusts spacing for you. Think about drip irrigation too. Size of garden, assuming you have space depends on what you want to grow and as mentioned, what you can maintain. Don't grow more than you can eat or give away!
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It has been mentioned a couple of times, but it does vary depending on which plants you want to grow. If I were you I would draw out the garden I want with the plants I want, and then do some research to see how much space each thing needs. That way you know everything will work the right way.
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Just follow directions on the plants and keep them well watered. Also throw in some peat moss and a organiz fertilizer. I do this and evey year I get huge huge veggie plants with tons of veggies =)
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I've made beds out of the muckings of the horse barn. Yards and yards of straight manure, shavings and hay. That stuff was like black gold. Earthworms as thick as your thumb.

You just need to be diligent in plucking the weeds. Horses don't break down the weed seeds that they eat in pasture
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Lifestyle, desires, and such have a lot to do with garden size as well. A large garden can be very rewarding, but can take a fair amount of time to maintain, particularly for the first few years, as you sort out which vegetables work best for you, which ones are high and low maintenance, watering techniques, which bugs to watch for, etc. I know a lot of people who have found that a large garden is more maintenance than they care for, so their vegetable gardens have become a few tomato plants in pots on the porch, some spices planted in with the flowers, and things like that. Different plants require varying degrees of maintenance; we eat a lot of potatoes, and generally grow enough to keep ourselves going year 'round, yet spend little time on them, as they pretty mch take care of themselves once they bush out. Do you intend to can? Think hard about that one, as there are a lot of well intentioned Mason jars setting unused in peoples garages, basements, etc. Do you have, or have access to a rototiller? Do you have a suitable water source in the vicinity of the garden? Watering cans can get heavy! A few things to think about anyway. Once you have an idea of what you want, stop by your local nursery, garden center, or whatever; they are typically a friendly lot, eager to assist the up and coming. Talk with them about plants that do well in your area. Also ask them if they, or if not them who in your area, does soil tests. Once you have your site layed out, and the sod removed, I highly recommend a soil test, so that when you do spend money for soil amenities, you are spending it wisely. And, just to be safe, plan your garden such that it can be enlarged or shrunk after a few years, once you have a better feel for what you ultimately want.


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