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Cheezhead 08-07-2007 11:21 PM

Holly bushes
This is a serious question -

Are holly bushes illegal, or at least against code, to have planted in multi-family apartment complexes due to safety factors? (Those are seriously sharp bushes - like knives!)

I cannot find anything relating to the illegality of them, however my concern is children running/falling into them. (In this case the holly bushes line the sidewalks and are approximately 3-4 feet high).

joeyboy 08-09-2007 12:06 PM

illegal? Doubtful. Against code? I'd check with the code department to make sure myself, I would never trust the word of someone on the internet for something like that. You're a landlord, there's kids around, and you're intending to put razor sharp bushes that are their height around the walkways. I would be 100% positive I could not be held accountable before planting those, I can't even imagine what potential damages they'd be seeking if a 4 year old kid ripped his eye open on your bushes.

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