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Jerry-n-Georgia 02-18-2012 09:45 PM

HELP! How to get rid of scale on my trees and plants
:whistling2::help::icon_mad::surrender:I have this on my small trees that are up to 10' and many of my bush crape myrtles, and bridal wreath. I am trying to download a picture but not sure it will come through, if you will email me I can send a picture via my email. Just put in the subject line, "scale". My email is if you have any ideas of what it is and how to kill it. It is killing my plants and I have too much money invested for something like this. Help!
Thank you in advance and GOD bless!

mickey cassiba 02-19-2012 04:20 AM

The pros will show up soon, they'll have better ideas, but for small infestations I prick the waxy shell, or peel up an edge. This allows natural predators to get at the little beasts. Never had a major infestation, so no help here.
Good luck!

bob22 02-19-2012 02:17 PM

post your pictures on picassa or similar

chrisn 02-19-2012 04:17 PM

user1007 02-19-2012 04:22 PM

I am really not certain what insectisides the consumer can buy anymore beyond the overpriced, dilluted or otherwise underpowered---but pretty packaged---stuff at garden centers. Ask the folks at a real nursery near you. Malathion used to be sort of a go to insectiside for both soft and hard scale insects but as I say, I do not know if you can get it in a concentration strong enough to do any good.

If you are feeling zen you can go after scale insects with q-tips dipped in denatured alcohol. There are hippy-dippy formulas involving detergents and herbs as I remember. The EPA at state and federal level had to step in and ban lots of insectisides because of health risks but many just because people did not use and dispose of them properly.

If it were me, and speaking from past experience, I would ask and call around to find a pro company and put them on contract to deal with everything for you. They will deal with infestations, dormant spray schedules, etc. You will find it cheaper in the long run than buying those retail bottles of things and you can keep calling them back until things are resolved. They also have all the right equipment.

Obviously, the thing with scale insects is they spread like crazy. You want to make sure you inspect any new plants and isolate those infested from other plants to the extent you can. Some of the tropical nurseries that sell the palms and other house plants are notoriously bad about insect control and you can spread scale insects to your entire house plant collection. Same in the landscape. And if you set your houseplants in warm weather, be sure and check them before bringing them in for the winter.

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