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DexterII 10-09-2012 01:47 PM

Hedge maples?
Hedge maples is my best guess at this point, but I am going to clip a few leaves and drop by the local nursery this week, to confirm. The leaves are relatively similar to our more common silver or sugar maples, but the branches start much lower, with foliage all the way to the ground. We have a pair of them, each something like 30-35' tall and 20' or so across, and I am seriously considering cutting them down this winter. Nothing wrong with them, except that they are a pain to mow around, due to branches sticking out at eye level, the last of the leaves always fall very late, often after the first few snowfalls, making clean up that much more work, and, although they provide a fairly dense canopy, they do not seem necessarily appealing to deer, rabbits, or birds. All of which ha caused me to think that, in order to provide something more appealing to the wildlife, we may be better off to cut these down, move one of our smaller red maples into this area, and surround it with some junipers, and maybe some wild flowers. So, before I get the chainsaw out, just wondering if anyone is aware of any redeeming qualities that I might be overlooking.

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