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KUIPORNG 07-09-2008 10:47 AM

Half way laid done and now come to a tricky part
I have done laying approx 300 sq. ft of pavers out of my 600 sq. ft.... now all goes well if there is no deep slope.... but in my case... where the entry of the yard and to the main patio area... there is a high drop in height... my intention is just patio pavers on it... rather than retaining walls and stairs.... as I saw public places have pavers successfully turning sharp grades , for example wheel chair access to pedestain road....

as I have never done that before... I am thinking there are two ways to do this:

keep changing grade a little bit a little distance at a time, just like a circular arc can be form by many small straight line...

my question is if the angle change really too sharp.... do you end up to require to miter cut the brick vertically wise speaking to join them to avoid a big gap...

did they do that for those wheel chair access sharp lower path...?


yes... I will post what I have done so far picture next week...

Kap 07-10-2008 12:58 AM

Shouldn't that have all been worked out BEFORE you started laying the pavers?

KUIPORNG 07-10-2008 08:57 AM

it is planned just want to confirm
the original idea is to have the slope being increase when close to entry and that is what I am going to try... however... just want some confirmation from some experience people here to confirm this is ok... if it end up couldn't be done... it is not the end of the world... previous works can stay... just add stair then... no work waste...

bob22 07-10-2008 05:33 PM

what is the change in height from where you are to where you have this dip? I'd start gradually increasing the base so that it looks good. You really need to get your base figured out properly ahead of where you are laying brick for it to look good but you are the boss and the customer on this project; which one do you want happy when it is over?

KUIPORNG 07-14-2008 10:15 AM

the second half of the story is retain wall system... slope is no good after all... need to spend approx 500 bucks more on this guy with new flower beds retaining wall and two steps of stairs...

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