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dwayne 10-15-2006 06:48 PM

green house
I would like to build a small (6'x12') walk-in greenhouse on the side of a storage shed. It would face the south and have windows for early season sun. I plan on using cement on the floor with a shelf under the window. What consideration should be made for ventilation, moisture control and possibly auxiliary heat?

jude 11-30-2006 05:48 PM

hello there,
i actually work at a huge nursery. as far as ventilation goes, if you have lots of plants, they like moving air--big green houses use barn fans on the ends of the buildings--for a small one like yours, a small oscalating table/floor fan would be helpful.for the moisture control, i'm not sure what you mean, you will have to explain that further to me. most plants like it humid, which is automatically achieved by watering the plants, and them giving off will need to have a heat source if it gets below freezing if it is sunny out during the day, you will be o.k., but i wouldn't let it get below 55 if you want healthy plants.the questions you ask might have slightly different answers depending on where you live. what part of the country or zone are you? i hope i helped and did not cause confusion. jude

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