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thomascasey 09-24-2012 02:43 PM

grass seed
who makes the best grass seed

DexterII 09-24-2012 03:48 PM

Personally, I don't worry about brand; rather than shopping your local big box or wherever for a specific brand that was bagged 1,000 miles from you, visit your local feed mill or garden center. You'll buy it in a brown paper bag or a feed bag, depending on how much you want, but, either way, you will have a mix that is right for your particular zone.

user1007 09-24-2012 05:07 PM

I agree if you still have one operating near you. You won't waste money on a pretty picture and packaging and the seed will likely be fresher. You may not find what you want now until spring though. Turfgrass hybridization for insect, disease and drought resistance is a major industry and all the major seed companies have competing products. Your local feed or seed merchant will know what grows best in your area or stop by the maintenance shed at a golf course or park for some great free advice.

Selecting the correct turfgrass for your situation is important depending on whether you have sun or shade and buying in bulk will let you adjust the mix. Be especially cautious of contractor blends that promise rapid germination. This may be true but there is probably a large percentage of ANNUAL rye grass in the blend and it will only grow for one season stealing resources from grasses you want to establish in the process. Germination takes what time it takes.

Most turfgrass seed blends are some mix of PERENNIAL rye grass, bluegrass and fescue unless you have special needs for things like bent grasses, bermudas, and so forth. Perennial rye will germinate in about 7-10 days but fescues and bluegrasses will take much longer and 14-21 days or more under ideal growing conditions.

Fall is a great time to plant turfgrass but we are already at the end of September. Make sure you are not trying to plant too late if you are in area with real winters or even hard frosts.

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