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Tamguildshamroc 04-14-2011 01:19 PM

Grass problems what now
First I done was dug up my old grass and leveled it out and put down new grass average 2m x 9m so I watered and it had pletty of sun 2 month later and half the turf never took / bonded at all

Second time I grass seeded the lot and water and sunned the lot for 6 month now half my grass is A1 and half is patchy in place what do I do now ?

bob22 04-14-2011 01:23 PM

How about a picture or two of the area? Where do you live? When did you do the first seeding and the second seeding?

Tamguildshamroc 04-14-2011 01:46 PM

Last June was the first seeding then last august then we had bad snow over the december january

Location is scotland fife

user1007 04-14-2011 03:22 PM

This is going to sound strange perhaps but trust this former turfgrass manager. Feed it so you know what is really going on.

For the first month use a balanced fertilizer save for a bit heavy on the nitrogen side. The second month, just give it nitrogen. Then see if the situation has improved and overseed again if you need too.

In the US fertilizers are sold with their NPK ratios stated on the package corresponding to the percentage of the sack that contains the key plant nutrients (N)itrogen, (Phosporous) and (K) Potassium. The rest of the bag is sometimes horrid stuff like heavy metals and so forth bundled as inert ingredients.

Aim for something like 21-10-10 or so for your first feeding and 18-0-0 for the second month. Then go from there. Here in the states people pay like $30 bucks for a small sack of either with a pretty picture on it when they could get 100 pounds of both for $80 and a kraft bag.

The other thing you might do is test your soil Ph to make sure it does not need to be adjusted. And you have heavy clay soil you may have aerate to open up some space for water, air and fertilizer to get down around the grass roots.

Do not over water! In fact decrease the frequency but length of watering to encourage deep root growth. And of course do not over fertilize. This two month blitz I am recommending is a one shot deal. Apply a sustained release fertilizer in the third month according to package instructions.

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