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Mqi 04-12-2013 02:17 PM

I have a 10 ft wide flower bed infront of the house. The lawn right in front of the flower bed is the lowest point of the fron yard. Water accumulates there. The house has concrete basement, and the front is brick. I am not sure if it is a true brick wall or brick veneer. The house sits lower than our neighbors. I am planning to regrade the front yard to get rid of the puddle. Looking at the front wall, there is a layer of tar paper between the bricks. can I add soil up to where the layer of tar paper is? can I go over it? Thanks very much for your help.

fetzer85 04-12-2013 02:18 PM

Could you post some pictures? It would help with answers.

Mqi 04-26-2013 05:38 PM

3 Attachment(s)
Here are some pictures:

I couldn't paste the pictures. They are attached. Can I add topsoil above the tar paper? I also saw black paint (?) on the wall below the mulch. Should I paint the section that is going to be buries for the new grading? Thanks.

fetzer85 04-26-2013 06:21 PM

The black paint may be tar based waterproofing paste. If you want to add some soil and slope it I would dig down to where that black is visible, clean off the brick face, and put more tar paste up just above to where your dirt will be.

Mqi 04-26-2013 07:01 PM

Do you think I can go over the tar paper between the bricks with soil, after the additional paste on the wall? Thanks very much.

user1007 04-26-2013 07:04 PM

Are you underestimating the slope to the house? Sloping at what degree and over what distance in what directions? Wouldn't you be better off reversing or cross cutting the correct slope away from the house rather than trying to build up enough against the house to reverse it?

Is an hour consult with a civil engineer in your future to do this right the first time? In changing grade you have a responsibility to neighboring properties too.

Mqi 04-27-2013 11:28 AM

No. MY front yard is the flatest and lowest in the neighborhood.
I can't take out any high spot in my front yard to get better grading. My yard will be below the side walk. The only way to go is to raise the area near the house.

My immidiete neighbor's house sits very close to the property line and is already draining onto my side yard and down to my backyard. The area I am looking to fill out will not affect them at all. Thanks,

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