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nikeman 08-23-2013 09:09 AM

getting rid of old gas
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I have about half a gallon of year old 2 stroke gas. I just bought a new weed eater and I don't want its first tank of gas to be stale. What can I do with it? I don't want to burn it BTW.

user1007 08-23-2013 09:55 AM

Does your community have a toxic or hazardous household waste collection site? Many communities do hold annual or semi-annual events too but you have to store it until then.

Age old problem. They are expensive but there is something to be said for those two-cycle cans of fuel if you only need a little bit each season.

nikeman 08-23-2013 10:03 AM

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If they do I have never heard of it. I know I can take used oil to the dump but I don't know of anywhere to bring gas. If it wasn't 2 stroke I'd put it in the car and then top it off. Is it safe to store it in sealed mason jars? I don't want them to explode from the pressure build up but I need to weed eat today.

NegativeTen 08-23-2013 10:45 AM

I've always dumped old 2 stroke gas into the car.. You'll find mixed opinions on it, but IMO.. it won't hurt a thing. Half a gallon of gas mixed at 40:1, then added to a tank of 14+ gallons.. the amount of oil in the gas is negligible at that point.

djlandkpl 08-23-2013 10:56 AM

+1 on adding it to your car's gas tank if your car is not empty.

nikeman 08-23-2013 12:13 PM

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I have a brand new truck with a 32 gallon tank but putting old gas in the brand new truck just don't seem right. Lol

cleveman 08-23-2013 10:41 PM

Put it in your neighbor's auto.

ddawg16 08-23-2013 11:40 PM

Yea....just toss it in the tank....but make sure you have at least a 3/4 tank....that will dilute the oil enough so that it does not bother the emissions sensors.

Fix'n it 08-24-2013 08:24 AM

+1 more = gas tank of car.

PoleCat 08-24-2013 08:43 AM

Take it to the local nature preserve and dump it in the swamp to kill off the skeeter larve.:eek:

ddawg16 08-24-2013 09:50 AM

We need a "No Thanks" button.

Polecat.......we know your kidding.....right?

wkearney99 08-24-2013 10:23 AM

Why not just use it? Cut it with new 2-stroke set up gas. 2-stroke engines will burn damn near anything. I've used gas as old as three years in my weedwhacker and while it did seem harder to start, and tended to make a bit more smoke, it still got the job done.

Given the various sensors, injectors and computers in new vehicles I would not recommend screwing around with them by using the wrong fuel. Yeah, it probably "won't hurt" for such a small amount, but if it does you're likely in for several hundred dollars in repairs.

Polly003 08-24-2013 10:24 AM

You probably need a new gas container anyway, so, depending on your neighborhood, just leave it sitting about 2 feet from the curb or sidewalk. It may walk off by itself the first night.

Startingover 08-24-2013 12:33 PM

that happened to me last yr and someone on here told me to buy 'seafoam' which I did and added to the gas, then I used it in the mower.

wkearney99 08-24-2013 12:36 PM


Originally Posted by Polly003 (Post 1233524)
You probably need a new gas container anyway, so, depending on your neighborhood, just leave it sitting about 2 feet from the curb or sidewalk. It may walk off by itself the first night.

Um, no. Much like the stupendously bad idea of dumping it in a swamp, that's just inviting kids to pick it up and the mayhem that results.

Just mix it with fresh gas and get whacking those weeds. Add seafoam if you feel the need, but I wouldn't bother for a 2-stroke setup.

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