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JCosenza 08-25-2011 02:13 PM

Front Retaining Wall
Hi everyone, I'm new here and a new homeowner. We bought a '20's colonial back in April and it was definitely a fixer upper. Since we moved in we had contractors put a new entry door, 14 new windows, Snaked the sewer, changed the valves on the furnace and did a little electrical. Phew!

I did a lot of the painting and rebuilt the small back 'deck' myself. I also changed out various lighting fixtures and fixed some small things here and there. So I did save some money on those things.

The front of the house has a huge retaining wall holding up the lawn and i'm sure a ton of moisture. There's no holes for drainage in the front of this wall.

Here's a pic:

Is this something that can be repaired with some sort of concrete and maybe wire? Or is this way out of my league (I'm a relative beginner with construction).
If the only way to fix this is to have a whole new wall done It will have to wait until I can afford a pro.

Also there's a small concrete step that goes all up the driveway and has been repaired badly. I'd like to fix it with maybe some sort of landscaping blocks. Is this difficult to do?

Any advice would be amazing!

Thanks a lot!


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