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stevep7089 05-24-2009 09:39 AM

French Drain Flagstone Path
The area I live in has a thick, clay soil. My driveway has high ground on both sides and when it rains it flows water directly towards a gap between the house and garage. Our yard is fenced with chain-link and the gate is right where the water pools up...hence my problem.

I have a defined "low-spot" in my yard approximately 25' from the problem location. I have wrestled with a number of ideas and thought I had finally settled on an idea until going to price stone and the sales guy offered an entirely different idea.

I intended on digging a trench that was 3'x25' starting at a 4" depth and have a grade that would leave the other end at an 8" depth. I was going to put a perforated 5-10 gallon bucket filled with larger rocks at the end.

Here is where my dilemma, I was going to line the length with landscape fabric with a perforated drain tube running to the drain bucket at the end and then fill the remaining with 2A stone. The salesman recommended using just the landscape fabric and then fill with Flagstone Base material and no drain tube. He suggested this because he said I would end up with loose stone in my yard if I go with 2A stone.

This all seems too easy to me for there to be any second guessing but I still find myself doing it. I want to make sure before I go digging a 75sqft trench and filling it in that it really is going to solve the problem. There is little/nothing I can do about the driveway directing the water so I have to deal with the water.

Any suggestions or advice?

Stillwerkin 05-24-2009 10:32 PM

It sounds like the yard is already draining by itself(?)

You may just be able to install just the drywell, with an above-ground grate cover to clear off any pooling surface water. Hide this with plantings.
If that doesn't do it, you could always add the french system later on.

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