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ahrens 04-19-2011 12:24 AM

My wife wants me to build a flower box for underneath our big bay window. Just wondering what would the best lumber to use. It is a rather long window at just over 10 feet long, so i figure I would need at least three supports. Anyone have any ideas?

Sorry if its somewhat vague.

Mike in Arkansas 04-19-2011 04:23 PM

Cedar or white oak will last a while. Local big box stores sell cedar. Also, consider plastic planters placed into the wooden window boxes. A little less evaporation. Buy the plastic planters and build your wooden window box to hold/hide them. In that case you could just use pine or whatever as long as it was painted.

user1007 04-20-2011 12:04 AM

Cedar would be great but nice treated lumber would last two. Or build the boxes with concrete block or other such material and anchor with rebar.

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