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kidd 02-23-2007 11:23 PM

Flooding crawl
:confused: need help with a little water problem I'm having, this winter it rained alot and my crawl space filled with water, I pumped the water out but only got it down to about 3 inches deep, before it was about 7-10 inches, anyway I noticed that the only time the crawlspace flooded the backyard was flooded also, which tells me that I need to somehow get drainage from my back yard the only way to drain it is to the front (slope is from back to front), I moved all my gutter drains away from my house and this also helped but I know next time it rains alot we will surely flood again, so my question is, if I dig a ditch from my back yard to my front and put corrigated pipe in what is the best way to do it and do you think it will keep the flooding down?:confused:

sfixx 02-24-2007 11:35 AM

First, I wonder how much slope you have to your yard? Re-grading alone may solve your problem but perforated pipe may be needed too if you can't adjust the flow with the grade change alone. If you can get the surface water to flow around your foundation from the back to the front and trick the water into staying away from the fondation you'll have the problem solved. It's hard to give specific advice without knowing the topography and layout of your house.

I think that you are on the right track for a natural solution, but have you considered a sump pump in the crawl space?

Good luck,


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