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sixeightnick 06-09-2008 02:00 PM

Flagstone patio help
Hi guys, First post on this forum so go easy on me. About 3 years ago I installed a flagstone patio in our back yard. At the time I dug out about 6" and filled it in with about 4" of compacted limestone (rented a compactor). On top of the limestone I put down that plastic stuff (forgot the name) that is supposed to keep weeds from coming up. On top of that I put about 1/2"~1" of crushed granite and the flagstone on top of that. Then in between the stones I put in more crushed granite. Now the problem I'm having is that there are weeds growing everywhere in the limestone. In addition all of the fine granite has washed out of the cracks as well. I'm going to redo it since it also has a low spot which drives me crazy but I want to do it permanent this time. Should I go with granite again? Or any other tips?

KUIPORNG 06-11-2008 10:40 AM

You kind of reverse the laying materials
I think in your situation, you have voids with the crashed rocks which allow dirt to fill in then becomes a bedding ground for the plants.... you should have crashed rocks lay first which are size from small size down to dusts which is compatible and after compact no void left. then on top you can fill in limstones if you want... then 1" sand then lay your stones... well this is base on all the reading I have gone through, not really through experience though, but I can tell this make sense as there is no room for dirt to grow plants.... well this is kind of one way of laying it... for flag stones, I know people can also lay it on concrete which use cement... but I think that is quite some work for DIYers...

and forget about the plastic membrane or whatever membrane you used, it did more bad than good....

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