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crankcase 03-20-2012 12:58 PM

Fixing a "professionally installed" irrigation system
I had a contractor install a large irrigation system 2 years ago, so this season will be my 3rd startup. I have spent more time than I think a homeowner should have had to resetting head height, adjusting rotors, adding teflon tape to many riser pipes where they screw into the rotors because of leaks, and even moving a few rotors with a little funny pipe because they are not in a straight line. So now I just noticed that all of my rotors have 2.5GPM nozzles, no matter if they are full circle, half circle, or quarter circles. How do I correctly calculate the correct nozzle size on a zone that has a combination of rotor requirements noted above? Some zones are 5-360 degree heads, others may have 2-180's a 90 and 2-360's.

Here are some of the specs of my system which may be of some help:

He figured max GPM for sprinkler demand at 12.5GPM, that was supposed to give me capacity to run the shower or some water usage in the house if the sprinkler is on.
All rotors are 2.5GPM nozzles. Hunter PGP rotors
Rotor to rotor coverage, max spacing is 40-45'
15 zones @ 5 rotors per zone.
1 zone @ 3 rotors per zone.
1 zone with 10 or 12 microspray misters. (1/4" push on tubing)I think they are Rainbird.
1 1/4" main line
1" line for everything else.
1" valves
Blazing saddle Tee's
Oh and I know that he mentioned that when he pulled the pipe that feeds a lateral where the heads are (If that's the correct term) he fed it to a "T" and not into the end of the run so that the head on the far end wouldn't suffer from a pressure drop.

joecaption 03-20-2012 01:22 PM

There's tons of on line design tools. I just Google "lawn sprinkler system design and hundreds came up. Here's one.

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