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user1007 08-25-2013 11:35 AM

Fall - A Great Time to Plant
I know people think spring is the best time to plant trees and shrubs but I always like fall best. The plants are entering their dormant periods at this time and diverting energy to the roots, which is where you really want it for transplants to take hold anyhow. Temperatures are cooler so plants are not so heat stressed as the period from spring through summer. Deciduous trees will be dropping their leaves so you can see and prune out bad structure right after planting. Real nurseries (retail more than wholesale) may bring in fall planting stock but may also be trying to get rid of inventory they did not sell for a fraction of what they were asking in the Spring. That tree you wanted but could not afford in March may be well within reach in September.

When fall planting make sure you mulch after. Most places in the US will not suffer hard freezes deep enough to threaten a root ball for some time, if at all. Frost can be troublesome but just rinse it off first thing in the morning so long as temps will be above freezing during the day. There are also products like WiltPruf that will help with leaf aspiration during transplant establishment if a major issue in your climate.

I know people think it weird but I was taught my master nurserymen and arborists to give new trees and shrubs their first pruning right after planting. It is in the interest of the nursery to show and sell you plants with lots of growth but that does not mean all of it is a good thing in the early years of the plant. When pruning young trees, you can use pruners to correct any major structural issues like ys and crossing interior branches that will haunt you and require a chainsaw later in life. Cutting at least one third off and shaping the top growth branches and leader of the tree will divert energy back into the plant. You can help define the shape of those trees with picturesque trunk and branching starting to prune them early in life.

And appropriate pruning really does help the health of the plants. They cannot do it themselves.

adamrobinson 08-27-2013 12:47 PM

Ya..You are right fall is the best to to plantation but my mother & grand mother says "spring season is the best season to plantation" & recently both planted a lot a lot of plants in our farm house..Now my farm looking like a heaven!! :thumbup: but I also love Fall...

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