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Eugenia Psyllid = No Privacy Hedge

I had a Eugenia hedge planted some 6 or 7 years ago, it is still only a few feet high. My goal is to grow a nice 8 foot privacy hedge. On closer inspection I noticed the leaves are curled with tiny bumps all over them. I googled this and found I had a Eugenia Psyllid issue which I manage is impeding growth. I have two goals,
  • Rid the infection
  • Make these bad boys grow, grow, grow!!
Has anybody had first hand experience with Eugenia Psyllid situation? What's the best way to get this hedge back on track?


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Your decision, here is all the info you need to make it.


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Originally Posted by chrisn View Post
Your decision, here is all the info you need to make it.
Yes, I too had found that 30 page thesis which is what ultimately led me here. I was looking for something less educational, perhaps somebody with first hand experience eradicating the problem and bringing some life back to their Eugenia.
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Please update your profile so we know where you are.

You may not be able to get the pesticides some recommend depending on where you live. Or the use of those truly effective may be restricted to pros and/or those willing to read the literature on the pests and get them with a permit. This is because those who are reluctant to scan 30 pages about the problems and solutions tend not to be so great at reading insectiside labels either. Misuse has caused environmental damage and has resulted in many being pulled from consumer shelves.

In any event, consumer packaged pesticides are expensive and sometimes marginally, if at all, effective since they have been dilluted and made idiot proof. You will probably be better off putting your property on a spray schedule with someone who has high powered spray equipment to get to shrubs and trees anyhow. Ask around for the name of a reasonable, independent, pest control company with a background in landscape pesticide control. Your real---not box store---nursery can be a great resource for you and will probably have a list of spray companies.

If you DIY make sure you get safe spray equipment, watch for wind drift, follow label directions, and wear an aspirator.

As for getting the plants to grow? You do not want to stimulate them too much so the go "lanky" on you but a good feeding with a time-release balanced fertilizer that your soil can break down (you should at least have the soil tested for Ph but if you have never had one a complete soil analysis is not expensive and might provide hints as to why the hedge is growing slowly) once or twice per year is a good idea. A soil auger to drill holes around the drip line would be a good investment. You can then either pour the proper amount of granulated fertilizer down the hole or buy spikes or pellets to cram in them.

Sprinkling fertilizer on the soil for shrubs and trees may work eventually but it takes a long time for the nutrients to leach down to roots. By drilling paths directly to them they get fed quicker.
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As an amateur gardener who values privacy I prefer evergreen hedges. I have read that your hedge problem is common and to use care with pesticides or you kill beneficial pests. Also promoting rapid growth may make your problem worse.
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