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Master Brian 03-29-2011 11:32 AM

drip irrigation system
I'm trying to lay out a drip irrigation system to water the flower beds that go down either side of my house and meet at my front porch. Both beds are about 53' long, one is about 4' wide the other about 7' wide.

I'm told I can do both sides on one zone, as I'm using 1" poly as my main line feeding 1" valves. My unregulated water pressure should be in the neighborhood of 75-90psi, if not higher and I get about 20gpm of flow.

The main delima is should I come out of valve with 1" poly, reduce to 3/4" and go into an inline filter/pressure regulater combo, then 'T' off to feed each side....or should I come out of the vavle with 1" poly, reduce to 3/4" go into just a filter, then 'T' off and install a seperate psi regulater on each side of the 'T' to keep the volume/pressure up.

The guy at the sprinkler store said the combo unit should easily handle watering about 60 plants +/-. I counted when I got home and depending upon what the layout will be I may have up to about 60-80 plantings in these two areas. Of course some of these require very little water....

I've search all over the web for some diagrams to get an idea, but can't find any and though the sprinkler store is very helpful and knowledgable I can't keep running back and forth every day, so thanks for any feedback!

root 03-31-2011 10:20 PM

Ask this question in the irrigation forum on this site - - you will get your answer.

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