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n224ap 09-22-2011 11:20 AM

drainage products
We have a grade beam foundation on a home keyed into the hill. Not an extreme slope, but a slope nonetheless. So as you can imagine water comes down the hill and off the upper deck and eventually under the home. A drain was placed in gravel leading to a concrete cylinder with a pump about ten feet from the top of the foundation just before the framing and slab of the garage. In theory, it should work well and perhaps in the past it had, (new home to us), but in the last two years the home was empty leading to no gutter cleanup or reg maintainence. soil moved down under the home and covered the gravel and drain and into the wall of the garage damaging it. I replaced the drywall and now I want to make sure the drain works well. My question is is there a better product than just perforated drain for this application. I'm not even sure the existing drain is sleeved. I've seen a retangular product on one of the DIY shows but don't know if that will work. right now it's dry and we obviously cleaned off the dirt on top, cleand and protected the gutters. They were absolutely stuffed with junk. The beam foundation is solid and unbroken and the home is level. Thanks. Also who would be the best type of contractor to call for help. landscape?

runoff 09-25-2011 06:45 PM

drainage products
You might want to consider contacting a structural engineer to observe conditions under your house to be sure that no more damage has been done than what you've observed. Anytime something has failed causing damage to something, sometimes it may have affected something else. For instance , has there been any under mining from drainage and would he be able to recommend a better more fool proof drainage system. Just my opinion. I would be afraid to recommend a certain type of contractor because they are like a box of chocolates, you never know what kind your getting.

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