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supaflyz 07-26-2009 08:21 AM

drainage issue on patio
Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. I'm a complete newbie to all of the do it yourself projects. I came across this forum while searching for concrete patios and landscaping on google. Me and my brother have built a covered patio for my mom during last summer. She wants to cook outside and spend more time outside. So it was more like a really big pergola with roofing on top of it lol. Well my mom had a contractor pour in a concrete slab for her since it was very muddy during hurricane season (We stay in Houston). Its a pretty big slab; I think its 49x12 back side, and 37x12 on the other side. We haven't done the other side yet. The concrete is slope away from the house so the rain won't accumulate. However, we have a different problem. When it rains hard, all the rain is accumulated on the backside only. I have some pictures to show you guys.
We have a lot of left over brick pavers that we took out once we pour in the concrete. Now my mom wants to put an extension concrete slab to the existing one. I have some concerns though. I read in this forum that concrete need some time to cure. Will putting a new concrete slab to the existing one cause any harm? Is it better to just pave the brick right next to the concrete we have now so it will help with the drainage? I'm thinking that if we put more concrete in, the water will just flow down and cost more drainage problems to other areas that was not affected before.

She also wants to add more concrete to the side. She's a very neaty person. I'm worried that if we take to much grass out, the water just going to flow to the front of the house. Our land seem to be the lowest out of all the house around us. Maybe its to many plants that cause this. Do you guys think that adding more grass instead of adding more concrete will help the drainage problems or brick paver instead. I just don't want her to waste her money that she think will solve the problem, but will only cause more problem in the long run. I took all the grass out in these pics to prepare for the concrete or paver. I could always add more grass if you guys suggest.

Handy Jay 08-18-2009 01:44 PM

Hard to tell what your grading is like from the pics, but I'd be very wary of extending that concrete. It looks as though it might pinch off what might be a natural drainage route.

Your concern about adding concrete beside existing concrete. The existing concrete will want to suck water out of the new concrete as it cures. You have to be careful to keep the whole area moist.

If you definitely want something other than grass (though I'd go grass), I would go with your paver idea. It's something that can be corrected if you get it wrong.

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