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hohandy 12-14-2005 03:17 PM

Do You Like Koeler Or Kawasaki Engines????
Hi everyone. I have been looking at new zero turn mowers. They all seem to give you a choice of engines with there mowers, from mostly koeler to kawasaki. I really dont like to support importing, but everyone tells me the kawasaki engine on the mower will have better resale value. I dont see why. You ask all these sales men and they tell me there is really no difference in these 2 engines other than the kawaski engine you may pay more for parts some times. Other than that there is no difference in how long they last or how they perform or how well they are built or how they run against each other. Does anyone have any comments of any kind on this subject????? Would be great to hear something! Thanks.

north star 01-06-2006 03:06 PM

I have had both Kawasaki and Kohler engines on my equipment. I can say, that beyond a shadow of a doubt, Kawasaki blows Kohler away. You will get 25% more hours out of Kawasaki equipment as long as it is properly maintained. If your preventive maintenance schedule isn't strong then it is 6 in one hand half dozen in the other. But a properly maintained Kawasaki is head and shoulders above the Kohler junk.

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