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KUIPORNG 06-19-2008 01:27 PM

Do I need to compact with this situation?
The Paver hole I dig has been digged for more than a month... materials is going arrived this Saturday.... My question is: Do I really need to compact the ground before laying the gravels? Or I can lay the gravels first then compact....

As I kind of remember seeing somewhere if the ground is left settling for a while (over one month in my case), there is really no need to compact it again....

If I don't need to compact it first, it save me a day rental of the compacting machine... both $$ and harrsel of going to fetch it....

The ideal case is if I can just lay the gravels onto the ground to its appropriate height... then I do the compacting... this way... I only need to rent the machine when I finished laying all the gravels which I don't know how long is going to take me...

Do the real contractors really do this compacting like the book said: one before laying gravel then every 2" and one at the end of gravel laying... or everyone just do once at the end.... I just wondering... you know book is book.... they are theortical sometimes... rather than practical....

Randell Tarin 06-19-2008 03:11 PM

The book is correct. You don't want to take shortcuts here. If your ground is not leveled and compacted before the gravel goes down, then you'll be building your walk on a soft uneven surface. This is your foundation. You need this to be firm or later on you will experience settling in the pavers and your walk will be uneven. It won't compact as well if you try it with the gravel in place because the gravel will absorb much of the force of the compaction machine.

If you want done correctly, don't take shortcuts.

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