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diymiss 05-06-2013 04:28 PM

Dear Paver Friends
I am trying to decide what would be cheaper and more practical for my DIY project.
I want a paver ground for my patio set instead of it sitting on the grass as the grass tickles my feet and bugs.
I thought by researching into making concrete molds, by buying the mold, pouring the concrete in, and voila.. cheaper solution, although longer.
After reading the reviews and learning that each mold uses a 60lb bag, and each bag costs from 13-20$ I thought maybe I was wrong and actually buying the pavers made would be cheaper.
Have any of you also gone through this? And is it just Michigan thats expensive?
Any help will do, thanks for your time!

user1007 05-06-2013 08:15 PM

If you make you own pavers from Sakrete or something you will get tired in a hurry and they are bound to turn out very inconsistent and not as strong as factory made pavers. If you try molds, make sure you buy ones that will hold up and don't forget a mold release agent.

Another option is to stamp the concrete with a brick or other pattern when it is poured and finished. Their are hundreds of patterns. IMO you need an artisan familiar and with training in the process though. Concrete stamping a large patio can easily get away from you and is not a DIY project. Combined with concrete colorants and staining, a stamped patio can be quite beautiful.

Rubber pavers are another possibility and are perhaps easier for the DIYer than leveling concrete or brick pavers on gravel and sand. They are especially comfy and very popular around horse tracks. They come in many shapes and colors ranging from brick like to squares and cobblestones. They can be placed over a concrete pour. Thre is a big difference between quality rubber pavers and what box stores sell though.

rkingndayton 05-06-2013 08:48 PM

Just helped my stepdad with this and this is what he decided to use:

$299 at Menards (not sure if Michigan has this store?)

Hope that helped!

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