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McSweny1103 09-12-2012 07:30 AM

Creeping Charlie Removal
Hello again all.

As with most Chicago Suburb yards, I have a MASSIVE infestation of Creeping Charlie. It started about three years, and ran along my fence line. It was manageable, i could pull it up with no issue. Then it had formed along the edge of my pool, again, I could pull it up with no issue. However now that I have removed my pool, pool deck, and stepping stone path, it has just taken over the entire open yard.

I have read that Borax can work if used correctly, Broad leaf spectrum herbicides can work if used at the right time, and dethatching rakes (the power kind, I am no HE-MAN) can work to get rid of this.

Anyone here have any success stories of winning their yard back with out tilling the entire thing under?

joecaption 09-12-2012 07:39 AM

creeper 09-12-2012 07:58 AM

Good luck with the Charlie.
My yard is also heavily infested with the stuff. Shade, full sun and everywhere in between. Sometimes I feel the more I work at it, the more it comes back.

I've tried the borax thing. I just took the powder straight from the box and sprinkled VERY lightly. You will be surprised how much you DON"T need. Steve has warned us several times to use extreme caution as the borax will render the soil sterile for years to come.

In my case, I applied it late last fall and of course come spring there was some dead areas. I raked vigorously, top soil and seed and the grass has grown back quite nicely.

The difficulty is if you don't get every single tinest piece of stem it creeps over again quite rapidly.

I haven't tried anything else, as we are restricted about what is available here in Ont.

I think I will give borax another go, but this time I will be more methodical and not just dump it willy nilly

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